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28 Sep 2015

Salvo Spagna the first italian luxury advisor may be one of many speakers within a luxury party at Shanghai along with famous Chinese stars. He said that regardless of the crisis, China has a huge potential and it will grow within the luxury industry in the next years. Surely the strategies will change substantially, using the integration with the on off line, the modern innovation and new initiatives to take more customers available and in the stores. Salvo Spagna is arriving from a significant job assignment within an hotel within the Hainan island in China, the location where the shopping centers are most often really empty. Keeping the owners' names for the sake of privacy, he was quoted saying that 70% in the shopping centers are empty because the managers are earning wrong decision about brand selection and strategies, choosing only according their unique will or managements', without identifying the customers' needs. In that way the majority of the losses may be avoided, just with correct strategies. If you fail within the planning phase, the failure is for certain. He further explained before his arrival that all the managers did the identical things getting the same results all the times. If you have losses in your company you need to do drastic changes if you need to turn back the trend.Salvo Spagna,

You'll find managers who're desperate and may believe you'll find nothing they are able to do and also the little they try to alter, brings no meaningful results. You'll find Managers, though, that are really making an effort just like a hamster on its wheel. They are offered early in the morning with the workplace, they close late, they work tirelessly but nonetheless are doing things within the wrong place with the wrong time. The outcome with their shopping mall can surely change by having an innovative strategy and with drastic changes. Unless you these items immediately the retail center will probably pay an extremely high fare.sopping mall,


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